Exim Dance Company and Active Devon will deliver a joint educational development programme to young females and members of the BAME and LGTBQ+ community aged 16+ years who are marginalised as a result of their disadvantages in life (whether due to social deprivation, disability, mental health issues including depression and self-harm, vulnerability due to care arrangements or otherwise), enabling disadvantaged and disabled young people to participate regularly in dance activities and providing these young people with an accredited qualification at no cost to them through Sport Leaders UK to help them in their future lives.

Exim Dance Company will work with up to twenty five participants twice a month on a two hours each time basis over a six month period. The participants will be females 16+ from some of the most deprived areas of Plymouth. The programme will be held at Exim Dance Space located in Stonehouse.

Delivering a bespoke dance leadership programme this will entail the young females producing portfolio work, shadowing dance classes, assisting with Exim Dance events/shows and Sports Games & School Games Volunteers in line with the Active Devon partnership.

The females will engage in contemporary dance sessions alongside a dance leadership course to gain their Level 1 or 2 dance leader award. They will also attend workshops and training sessions to help equip them to have the confidence and skills to progress further after the project to become young leaders, to access further education and to join the workforce.

Active Devon will support the project by being a core part of the planning and development of the project. Bringing their expertise in active engagement and the local knowledge, Active Devon will also deliver a core range of bespoke training to compliment the Dance Leadership Programme which will include Safeguarding, Managing Challenging Behaviour, Youth Personas (including mental health) and a Women and Girls workshop. We want to see improved wellbeing, mental and physical health through this project.