Exim Dance Company are proud to offer an artist space scheme at our premises Oxford House Creative Hub.

This scheme offers free studio space for the duration of one year, to support local artists that may be looking to develop a new piece/pieces of work, undergo a research and development period or even explore new practices that could help progress their career. It’s important to us that we are offering opportunities to help support career development and profile the great versatility and creativity of arts and culture in our community. 


2021-2022 cohort

This year’s 2021-2022 cohort is built of 9 artists across different art forms, from somatics, dance, theatre, directing and more!

Amy Shaw headshot (1)

Amy Shaw

I am an early career theatre director with a passionate interest in bringing stories to life. I frequently use existing text as a basis for my work. Being part of the space scheme means I can create work without the financial worry of paying for space. Having this support is enabling me to be bolder in my practise, freeing me so I can play, experiment and create more.

Charlie Cornforth

Charlie Cornforth

“I am thrilled to hear that I have been awarded a place on the studio scheme. This opportunity will provide me with a professional space where I am able to continue to develop my skills and professional practice. I look forward to see what will emerge within the rehearsal space.”

Phoenix-38 2 (1)

Charlie Ranken & Bernadette Molton

Bernadette Mol and Charlie Ranken came together to create a short piece for Exeter Phoenix Devon SEED Commission that blends poetry and movement. They hope to carry this development on, to empower their own voices identifying as women and empower other women through their work on stage as well as designing and delivering wrap around workshops. The space at Oxford Creative House is extremely important for us, to support a professional environment where ideas can be validated and trialed. This opportunity enables massive milestones for both Bernie and Charlie where they take ownership over their creative journey.

Laura Cantliff Picture (Anchor Caves)

Laura Cantliff

“I’m so excited to be offered a place on the Studio Space Scheme at Oxford House Creative Hub. The scheme is an amazing opportunity for me to kickstart the development of my newest performance piece called ‘BASKETCASE’. This is such wonderful news and I’m very much looking forward to moving and making it in a dance studio again, especially after the uncertainty of the last year.”

Lloyd Lovell (1)

Lloyd Lovell

“I am pleased to have a place on the scheme so that I can utilise a creative space, develop my practice & understanding of performative practices, & to commit to the wonderful scratch nights that I am very much looking forward to.”

Martha Scholefield image

Martha Scholefield

I am a contemporary dance practitioner and project manager based in Plymouth; the Space Scheme is supporting my rediscovery as an artist to help reshape my practice, post-pandemic. I aim to developed knowledge and new skills around movement therapy and somatic practices, particularly through working with other local artists within this field. Eventually I would like this new skill to have an outward facing contribution to benefit others.
Rachel Priest (1)

Rachel Priest

I am a performance artist and dancer working in Plymouth. My work is often site specific and reflective of the place I am living and creating in. I often touch upon the subject of belonging, identity and the boundaries of ownership in shared objects and spaces. I am in the early stages of developing work and using the studio space scheme to explore and test out ideas.

Stacey Fowler (1)

Stacey Fowler

My name is Stacey Fowler. I am a community dance practitioner in Plymouth who has been specialising in dance and exercise for older people over the last 5 years. I am using the space scheme to invest time to play and choreograph for a company of older people in the aim to perform dance locally. I am super thankful for this great opportunity from Exim.

Winnie Guy (1)

Winona Guy

Winona Guy is a dance artist based in Devon, working across the South West and London. She works as a choreographer, performer and community dance facilitator and teacher, working across contemporary dance and performance art disciplines. Winona’s works and practice focus on themes surrounding the environment, community, ancestry, form and evolution. Winona is using the space to reconnect to moving after 2020 and for R&D on works exploring some of these themes.




Oxford House Creative Hub, 29 Manor Street, Stonehouse, PL1 1TW