Exim Dance Company is delivering multiple weekly dance classes for young people aged between 11-16 years in the following areas: North Prospect, Stonehouse & Keyham.

Each of the sessions will involve

  • A variety of dance techniques/styles
  • Creative practice
  • Working towards community & theatre performances
  • Opportunity to work towards both Arts Awards and Dance Leadership qualifications
  • Opportunities to watch performances across Plymouth Theatres

The dance youth groups will provide young people with a chance to improve their health, lifestyle and to get involved in community events. These weekly inclusive sessions will aim to increase levels of confidence and community engagement among young people in the area’s and bring more people together to build strong lasting relationships in and across communities.

Times and Locations:

Mondays 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Oxford House Creative Hub, 29 Manor Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth, PL1 1TW

North Prospect
Tuesdays 5pm – 6:30pm 
The Beacon Community Hub, 163 N Prospect Rd, Plymouth, PL2 2NE

Fridays 5pm – 6pm
Keyham Green Places, 163 Renown St, Keyham, Plymouth PL2 2DT

Dance sessions are FREE for all participants


To find out more information about Communities Together Dance Project, or to join one of the three weekly dance sessions:

Please email education@eximdance.org.uk
or call us on 07864 18663.

Refer a young person

If you are wishing to refer a young person to any of our FREE young people services, please see the form attached below.

Please click here to access the Street Games referral form

Upon completion, please email: laura@eximdance.org.uk 


(Stonehouse) Mondays
(North Prospect) Tuesdays
(Keyham) Fridays


(Stonehouse) 5:30pm - 6:30pm
(North Prospect) 5pm - 6:30pm
(Keyham) 5pm - 6pm


(Stonehouse) Oxford House Creative Hub
(North Prospect) The Beacon Community Hub
(Keyham) Keyham Green Places