As both my colleagues Laura and Chloe have said, no one could have predicted the journey 2020 has taken us on. We are far from the difficulties being over however, this shouldn’t stop us from looking back and celebrating what we’ve achieved so far! Also helping to drive us forward to achieve so much more.


I am incredibly proud to be a part of such a resilient and adaptable team! Through these difficult times we have responded quickly, initially developing an online structure and timetable to still offer free support to those connected with us. From this, we have developed a constantly changing and open offer of resources inline with feedback from our participants to continue providing a well rounded pool of services both on and offline.


It never ceases to amaze me how driven we are as a team to provide services that are a necessity and realistically wouldn’t be there if we were not providing them. Sometimes, actually all of the time, this means working tirelessly, putting in hard graft, constantly stretching the boundaries and challenging our creativity to do so. It goes without a doubt to say we are incredibly grateful to have received the funding support we have to date. Not to forget all of the support from our friends, family and those connected to Exim. Thank you for standing by us, it’s what helps us to continue doing this!


Reflecting back isn’t always an easy thing to do, we most often forget the positive things we achieve. So, my one task for you reading this (yes I’m still in work mode, but it will be good for you!) is to write down 3 things you are proud of achieving since lockdown. We can overlook exercises like this thinking our time is better spent elsewhere however, more so than ever mental health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of our work! A small task like this can help put some confidence and calm into your week or even a bit of affirmation into your stride. Trust us, we know how important it is to take time out for yourself. Doing small exercises like this as a team is what has enabled us to develop our daily well being activities which has been a huge success!


And as always we like to approach everything we do with inclusivity at the heart of it, meaning we wouldn’t ask you to do anything we weren’t prepared to do ourselves! So, please join me in completing the task above, I’ve chosen a few colourful pens to help cheer me up and some blank paper so I don’t have any lines restricting me. The image below is my version of completing this task, give it a go and share yours with us if you’re happy to do so!


What helps me


Taking time out for myself has been something incredibly useful in helping me stay active and creative through the work we do! As highlighted above, my workload has been a plethora of different tasks and the same for my colleagues. I have enjoyed the challenge that has come with brushing off old skill sets or working and developing new ones together. It has been wonderfully beneficial having the chance to develop further as a practitioners through numerous training opportunities too. I’m looking forward to exciting developments yet to be announced and one thing is for SURE, I am so so happy to continue providing the services we do.



A big thank you to everyone who has and continues to support us, it really means the world to not only us, but to the people we connect with.



Lead Practitioner and Educational Officer