Team Blogs – Chloe Brown

As we began 2020, nobody thought it would have turned out the way it did, so it is important to take this time to reflect but also to find out what each member of the Exim team has been doing behind the scenes to continue providing our services to the local community.


Back in September 2019 I took on a new role as ‘Community Development Manager’, as part of this new role I am able to take on a leadership role advancing on communication and managerial skills. I enjoy applying for funding and this role allows me to continue to do so. Since September 2019, I have been able to attend business meetings, conference events such as Active Devon More Movement Conference as well as external training allowing me to grow not only as an artist but providing understanding the extensive knowledge needed in the running of a successful business.


During lockdown my role has introduced some new skills! I have been working on creating wellbeing resource packs that have been sent through postal services to those that are required, as well as this I have been developing the daily wellbeing activities that are published across our social media platforms. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating these and look forward to continuing to in the future. I hope you have found them as enjoyable as much as I have had making them.


As part of our virtual dance timetable, I have been teaching the Wednesday movement session through Instagram Live, providing technique exercises, the opportunity to chat with one another, strength building exercises  as well as the opportunity to just move and have fun. In rotation with other team members, I have had the opportunity to lead our Wake and Shake sessions and Friday Flow sessions, as well creating Tik Tok videos, which I have to admit have been my favourite as they are so fun!







Lockdown has really emphasized the importance in communication, it has been important for us at Exim to maintain contact! I have been in communication with local Primary and Secondary schools, all young people, parents and carers we work with to ensure the support we provide is efficient!


Alongside Exim, I am also studying towards a Level 3 Counselling and Psychotherapy Course to further enhance my skill set and offer support to those we work with.


Working from home, as lovely as it has been being around my dog Rocco, I always look forward to our Monday and Friday virtual team meetings, as more things begin to open, seeing each other face to face has been so wonderful!




I know myself and the rest of the Exim team can not wait to see you all face to face soon, in the meantime, please do let us know if there is anything more we can do to support!


Take Care and Keep Dancing


Chloe Brown

Community Development Manager