To start off the month we announced our new logo and branding for the company. 


The company for some time has wanted to rebrand and it now feels right.
Firstly, we want to give a
massive thank you to Toby Brown for designing our new company logo, we love it!
We have been working on developing our brand identity for some time and have chosen colours that are coherent across all our social media, website and all round company presence.

Stay tuned for all our new project logos and new merchandise coming soon. 







Since the start of lockdown the team have been sharing their wellbeing output virtually in many different forms. 

Did you know that Exim Dance Company have put out 196 original wellbeing tasks EVERYDAY.
These tasks currently go out at 9am everyday on Facebook and Twitter, our aim with them is to give people of all ages a small task for the day that will remind them to take a moment for themselves. 

Have you got any particular favourites we would love to hear which ones have really helped you or eased those stressful moments! 

Here’s some of our favourites:



Community Classes for Young People…

Throughout October, we’ve not only been back working with some of our partnered schools, we were back at a proportion of our community dance wellbeing services, which we couldn’t be more chuffed about. Seeing the young people we work with face to face has definitely been a real highlight for the team, even if it was only for a short amount of time. 

Exim Dance Company runs FREE dance wellbeing services in the community for young people. 

At the moment we run 3 different youth projects, Making Waves Project, Communities Together three groups across the City Ernesettle, North Prospect and Stonehouse coming very soon and ADAPT. 

Throughout lockdown we have maintained communication and ensured there were accessible classes and support for all our groups, whether that be through our live classes, delivering wellbeing packs to homes, daily wellbeing tasks, or even just a video call with a member of the team. 

Due to recent guidelines released on 31st October, we will be staying connected with our groups and running private virtual sessions for all our community groups from 5th November – 2nd December.


Staying connected…


Laura and Kaitlyn recently partook in an interview with Tom Hobden as part of UNIT. 

Exim Dance featured in the ‘Ones to Watch’ episodes, throughout they spoke about the importance of wellbeing within the work that we deliver and being true to our services.

To find out more watch the full YouTube video here: 


We would love to hear from you…


The team has been busy collecting testimonies from our young people and adults about their experiences with the company throughout lockdown and we would love to hear from you too.We would love to hear what Exim Dance means to you in three words. Send it to us via social media or drop us an email! 

Make sure you keep a lookout for the amazing testimonies that will be coming out soon!


Raising funds for FREE for Exim Dance Company couldn’t be easier!


Exim Dance Company is a Community Interest Company based in Plymouth.

You can help with the sustainability of the company, whilst you are buying everyday things such as clothes, electricals, homeware, groceries, book holidays, take out insurance and much more!  



Thank-you for your continued support, if you would like to support Exim further, please see our local giving page by following the link below: