Hello… My name is Mia, a student from Plympton Academy and I joined Exim Dance Company for Work Experience from 27th June to 1st July 2022.


My first day at Exim was really enjoyable! It gave me an experience of working with a range of age groups and was a huge eye-opener to what I would like to do in the future. When I first entered, everyone was very welcoming and I could not wait to get started! I was given the opportunity, as my first task, to look through the Exim website and gain some more knowledge on what I could potentially be a part of.

I liked that Exim offered amazing opportunities for everyone and offered free classes so that this was more accessible to a wider range of people. During the day I was able to help with a class of children aged 5-10 yrs. This required a lot of perseverance but was very enjoyable. It definitely gave me a good view of what age group I would maybe like to work with when I am older. During the afternoon I was able to view  Making Waves and Communities Together Stonehouse classes. This looked like a really engaging experience for people aged 11-18yrs. The environment here at Exim is very supportive and kindhearted and I cannot wait for an amazing week with everyone. The best thing that happened to me today was seeing all of the children having fun and enjoying themselves as well as engaging with the class and socialising with others surrounding them. 



Today contrasted yesterday in many aspects as I was able to work with different age groups and see the confounding impact Exim has on young people’s lives seeing the excitement it brings them. The first thing I did today was go to Marine Academy primary school with Kaitlyn and help with an after-school extracurricular activity. All of the students were very enthusiastic and eager to learn and create their own movements. They were very energetic and supplied good memories of their choreography from the week before class. The tasks that they were given were exceptionally engaging and gave them an opportunity to use their imagination and show off their amazing skills. After this, we travelled to North Prospect where I took part in the ‘Communities Together’ class for ages 11-16yrs. I absolutely loved this class and the positive environment that was created throughout the whole session. I personally feel that I would want to attend this class again on a regular basis and grow to become friends with each person there. Everyone there was extremely welcoming and made me feel a part of the class, they also helped me catch up to the choreography they have been learning each week. I feel that Exim has already widely improved my confidence both socially and physically by having opportunities to interact with others that I would not normally see or approach. It has also widely improved me academically and I cannot wait for another fun day tomorrow. 



Today was great to observe the work behind dance and the many more aspects taking on this type of role covers. I was able to design a positive advertisement poster that could boost people’s self-esteem and confidence within themselves. After this, I also designed a fun task for young people to take part in to help improve their well-being and invoke them with knowledge of what this aspect of their life covers. In the afternoon, I had an amazing opportunity to go and help with Exim’s after-school dance club at Chaddlewood Primary School, which I recently attended myself when I was little. This was such an astounding and engaging class that I wish I had the opportunity to take part in when I was younger. It brought back so many happy memories of being in that environment and the children all looked like they were having a lot of fun. They came up with some amazing creative pieces to go into their dance when given the chance to, which they will be able to perform to their parents soon. I can’t wait to see how their final piece turns out. Overall, this day was an awesome experience that widened my ideas of what I would like to do going forward in my life. 



Today I had the opportunity to finish my creative designing tasks which may be available to view. I then helped type up some of the statistics onto a document which gave me a good idea of what the working world contains. During the day I was able to be a part of ‘Social Hour’. This is where many young people get together to talk and play games. It was a calm and creative way of bringing people together and forming friendships and connections. I really enjoyed being able to see what each person took part in here at Exim and here about their own personal experiences here. Some new things that I have learnt today are that it is important to think about people’s motives as to why they dance. For example, freedom, expression and passion. My work placement is so good and I would recommend everyone to come and see what you could be a part of!



Today I am going to be helping with ‘ADAPT’. This is a weekly dance service for people aged 12-25 that identify as disabled. I can’t wait to see how engaged everyone is and how much confidence it brings them to be here. During other parts of the day, I was with Chloe taking part in many more fun experiences working with young people. This morning I was able to view an amazing ‘Movement for All’ class with great people that were so eager to get started. It was such a kindhearted environment that bought me so much love to see. I went to another primary school today, St. Matthew’s C of E Academy, where I was able to view and take part in classes with the younger children. They were all so energetic and loved getting involved by learning a small choreographed motif as well as making their own small dances in a creative task at the end. Some of them chose to interpret props like ribbons and benches as well as the apparatus to which the school had access to. Most of their creative pieces had a motive or storyline that was fantastic to see put together through movement. They all confidently performed their pieces to the class at the end of the session to show off their skills, which was fabulous to see. It is my last day here at Exim and I do not want to leave! I have had such an amazing time here and everyone has been absolutely great! I will definitely be coming back here in the future to be a part of this great community of people.