At this difficult and unsettling time we want to shine a light on the powerful and strengthened sense of community spirit and togetherness. Whether you are a parent suddenly being thrown into the world of homeschooling, an artist trying to sustain work or a young person feeling bored and unmotivated, we are all in this together. This short blog post offers just a few opportunities and resources which may offer some support during this time. 



Exim Dance Company pride themselves on making dance accessible for all, and the current global situation is no exception! We have created a new timetable of online classes, based on our usual weekly class schedule; we currently have 5 free sessions available per week for ages 4 to 18 as well as 2 live open company classes for Adults (£3). Whether you regularly attend our sessions or are completely new to dance, everyone is welcome to take part
















Exim is also offering Mindfulness resource packs every two weeks (£2.50) and will soon be offering 1-2-1 sessions for our at-risk or vulnerable young people, to give them the opportunity to talk to a member of the Exim team in a secure online format. The aim of this is to keep the continuity of the access they would usually have to talk to the practitioners within their usual sessions. For more information on any of this please don’t hesitate to contact us via


Exim is also excited to announce that we will be hosting our monthly Scratch Night virtually via Zoom! Join us on Friday 24th April from 7pm to indulge in some community spirit, forget about everything else and enjoy an evening of entertainment from your fellow local artists. If you would like to share a performance/work-in-progress from wherever you are, please get in touch via



There are currently plenty of helpful resources out there to offer ideas, support and connections for artists, practitioners, producers and small businesses etc. If, like us, you are adjusting to engaging with your audience and participants fully online, you may find some help in the following advice surrounding teaching virtually, risk assessment and online safety. Here is a summary of key points from People Dancing’s video by Anna Leatherdale:

  • Does your insurance cover you to teach in different spaces i.e. in your home
  • Making sure you and your participants have enough space and have made note of potential hazards such as low ceilings, pets moving around, edges of rugs or tables etc. Make it clear that they are welcome to adapt material/exercises to suit their physical space and their body’s needs.
  • Making sure you and your participants are wearing appropriate clothing for moving in.
  • Schedule regular drink breaks into your lesson plan.
  • If you are teaching older participants or people with reduced mobility, suggest that they have a phone or another person nearby in incase of emergency, such as falls. In face, for all participants, it may be worth them making sure someone in the household is aware they are taking part in class, in case an accident occurs.


The full video and further resources from People Dancing can be found here:


Dance in Devon have also compiled a list of helpful resources for artists and practitioners:


We hope everyone is staying safe and well during this uncertain time, and the Exim team sends our hope and positivity to you all.


Martha, Exim Dance Company