I am at the halfway point of my internship with Exim Dance Company, so I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on my journey so far. 


Christmas break is the perfect chance to slow down and reflect before the New Year, I’m not one for making life changing decisions in this space of time, but I do think it’s relevant to adapt, learn and most importantly congratulate yourself in this period. 


Here it goes… 


Upon starting my internship I set myself some loose aims I wanted to achieve by my halfway point, they were as follows:


  • Create and devise a piece for a platform with a youth/ community group.
  • I am interested in working particularly with Community and Secondary School age. 
  • Perhaps organise a sharing opportunity for North Prospect at the end of the term so they can aspire towards a goal. 
  • Attempt and write funding applications for the company – good practice.
  • Aiming to be a fair practitioner. 
  • Create a positive social media aspect to the companies social media platforms.


Looking back on these goals, it was clear I wanted to plant my feet into this new role and have a well rounded perspective within the company. I am still aiming to develop these skills, but it is rewarding to see that I have achieved nearly all these aims in such a short time with the company. 

Some moments that were important to me…


I find it quite hard to admit the moments that I found really special, as some of them aren’t necessarily monumental but I thought I would share them – considering my new goal is to be braver:


  • Organising the first showing for one of our Communities Together group – North Prospect, I felt overcome with pride to see a group that haven’t ever performed before. They are such a dedicated group and continue to exceed each goal that is set for them.
  • Manadon Primary had their first showing at Christmas, the entire groups confidence has grown so much.
  • Becoming a regular practitioner and seeing weekly progression and watching individuals grow in both Community, Primary and Secondary.
  • Receiving my first grant at the start of the new year.
  • Experiencing how much of an efficient company we are during Traverse, seeing all different youth groups coming together in one place was such a buzz. 
  • The launch of the new space.
  • Being accepted into such a close team. 

There is never a dull day in any aspect at the company – it is a very proactive company which changes on a day to day basis, I have enjoyed each new class I have been in, the administrative work, the one off workshops and events that I have been part of. The work that is carried out has helped me to become more invested in aspects such as community and inclusive dance. I have become a more confident, flexible practitioner with all age ranges and gained a wider understanding into how a Community Interest Company is run. 


My future goals are to continue developing my own professional development, become more confident with the language used in funding applications, to continue learning and look into more aspects of female empowerment, mental health and leadership and have a greater emphasis of this into my own facilitation. 


It has been a quick 3 months to say the least and I am very grateful for this period of reflection. I am excited to be back with such a fierce and powerful female run company, I can’t wait for the next 3 months of my internship.