During the first month of my Internship it has been a busy one, with weekly classes starting back, the launch of our new space at Broad Quay House and Graduation. 


My role varies on a daily basis – it ranges from teaching Primary, Secondary level and community projects such as Communities Together – North Prospect, ADAPT, Manadon Sports and Community Hub and Returning to Contemporary Dance. It also integrates the admin side of the company, this role ensures emails are sent, opportunities are found and projects are funded. 


During my time with Exim I am wanting to pinpoint my interests, in order to further develop them within the Internship. I have set myself a selection of aims during the period of my internship, firstly I would like to begin to devise and create a piece – I feel this works best with the Communities Together project at North Prospect. Additionally, I have a long term aim to build confidence in public speaking and start funding applications. I want to use this time on my Internship to push myself in areas I have not yet experienced.

Image 30-09-2019 at 09.53

In particular, I’ve enjoyed being able to work with the same groups on a weekly basis, as it has allowed me to regularly tailor sessions to the participants needs and wants,  but also push them and see significant progression. In terms of teaching, I have found it most challenging to remain authoritative yet, bringing a sense of fun into each session- I find that I am starting to establish more of a balance as the weeks go on. 


(Photo Credit – Alan Steward)

I have started some new exciting projects across social media, which focuses on spreading positivity and using social media as a useful tool. This project has required me to focus on areas I have always found interesting but never pursued. This has been something I have become more invested in as I feel like it is something that is relevant to our generation. 

In addition to the Social Media project, I’ve been working alongside Chloe – Community Development Manager on the Making Waves Project 2019/2020 this involves assigning terms to the new Making Waves Ambassadors to assist in our weekly sessions, moreover I have been contacting school about potential Outreach workshops. Being a Making Waves Ambassador for the past two years myself, I have had the advantage of understanding the process and participants.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far with Exim and look forward to the next 5 months and all the exciting opportunities that may arise throughout. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my next update and what i’ve been up to! 

Hayley – Intern at Exim Dance Company.