Hello. I’m Hayley, I have recently graduated from University of Plymouth with a First Class BA (Hons) in Dance. Since graduating I have obtained an Internship with Exim Dance Company, alongside this I will be working with Plymouth Dance on their Bitesized Tea Dance with a Twist! in Residential Settings project as a Assistant Practitioner and at Barbican Theatre as an Assistant Practitioner with Theatre Junction.

Throughout my time at University of Plymouth, I invested a lot time into the course, but also into the dance scene outside of University. This entailed volunteering with local organisations- such as Exim Dance Company and Plymouth Dance, becoming a self – employed freelance practitioner and applying/ joining in with productions in and around Plymouth, for example ‘Put on your Red Shoes’ Avant Garde’s ‘Fagin’s Twist’ and Traverse Youth Dance Platform.


(Photo Credit: Alan Steward)

I am so excited to start the year off with an array of opportunities to expand as an Dance Practitioner and Artist. In terms of my time with Exim, I hope to share my experiences and knowledge through Dance and pass it on to all ages and abilities. In addition to this, I would like to become a well – rounded part of the team – with an insight into all aspects of the industry, for example admin work, marketing and creative collaboration for devising material.


(Photo Credit: Alan Steward)

I look forward to the next six-months working alongside the Exim team and I am thrilled to be starting the next chapter of my journey of my career with such a welcoming and encouraging team!


Hayley Bentley