I have reached the end of my Internship with Exim Dance Company. 


What a journey I have been on with the company, it has been everything I had hoped to gain from the experience and more. 


As a practitioner I feel that I have started to see a shift in my confidence, especially with the groups I have been working with since September. With the support of the team, I have been able to assert an authoritative stance where necessary, this has had a positive impact on tasks and relationships within sessions. It has changed my perspective on what it is to be a female leader and consequently led to me wanting to pursue this as interest for future development. 

During my admin hours I have been integrated in areas such as marketing, funding and communications. I have really enjoyed the challenge that came with applying for funding, this has reiterated the need for these sessions within the community, but has also given me a realistic insight into the current situation within the Performing Arts.


One of my goals upon starting the internship was to begin to align Exim’s ethos with our social media platforms. Marketing initially interested me as it is a tool which is becoming a prominent part of society, I wanted to use these platforms to spread awareness to those who may not be aware of the progression we are witnessing; additionally to encourage a responsible use of social media. I feel I have started to take ownership of this role and have seen the effects through participant comments, I’m excited to pursue this role further. 

Reflecting on when I began my internship, I have achieved each goal I had set out. It feels surreal how time has passed so quickly and I have managed to accomplish so much. Making goals and reflecting has become a fundamental element of my practise – this has become something I want to ensure I maintain through all aspects of my personal and professional development. 


Personally, I have understood where my own desire for wanting to be involved in this industry came from. 


Professionally, the young people we work with never cease to amaze me. 

And as for the team, I am blessed to have such an empowering support network on a daily basis and am grateful for their experience and expertise they have passed onto me. I truly feel the ethos is so strong within the team and is undeniable within all our work. 


I am thrilled to be continuing my time with the company and will be taking the new role as Lead Practitioner and Marketing Officer – I hope to continue to be challenged, motivated and inspired.