End of Internship blog – Beth Tiner


I have come to the end of my internship, and what a 6 months it has been. Since September I have gained so much insight into what amazing work Exim does, and I am very proud to be a part of it. 


Movement for All


Practical delivery in Community and School settings


Over the course of these 6 months,  I have been gaining experience in teaching a variety of ages in the community and school settings. It has been so rewarding working with each of these groups, especially seeing the progress of each individual I have taught since September. One of my goals at the beginning of my internship was to work on my confidence to assert myself when necessary, and it has something I really feel has grown and has helped me develop as a practitioner and as a person


I have been helping devise a piece during our ‘Making Waves’ sessions for our upcoming Traverse Youth Dance Platform. Being involved within the creative process of this has challenged and expanded my choreographic skills and I am looking forward to seeing this creative process develop even more. 


Making Waves


During these 6 months, I have also had the opportunity to help lead both our weekly ‘Movement for All’ sessions and our virtual Mencap sessions. These sessions have been so fulfilling and I feel I have learnt so much from each individual I have had the pleasure to work with. Due to the success of our Movement for All sessions, Chloe and I are now running sessions at Highbury Trust. Being involved with the development and growth of this project has been so rewarding and I am looking forward to what the future holds and how we can develop and expand these sessions even more. 


Workshop at Highbury Trust

Content on Social Media

At the start of these 6 months, one of my goals was to develop my admin skills and find out what I can bring to the company in this area, for not only my professional development but also personally, to find out more about what my skill sets are as a practitioner and a person. Getting to know about the company as a whole and how it works has given me more understanding and pushed me to identify what area I can specialise in and develop my skillset in.

Combining my love of art with this has really allowed me to pursue areas that I feel I can take more ownership in. Getting to create the Wellbeing Wednesday posts has challenged me to create different wellbeing tasks and has helped develop my knowledge of wellbeing and how to incorporate this in a fun and creative way. Being able to have ownership of the Positivity Packs makes me excited about what I can create next. I really want to push and challenge myself to create new and exciting ideas for this project, I want to continue to develop all of this and push myself creatively, gain additional training in areas that interest me and continue building on my confidence to try new ideas.

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Expanding Creativity at Oxford House Creative Hub

A highlight of mine during these past 6 months is also having the opportunity to create artwork for Oxford House Creative Hub. Creating a space that is warm, fun and welcoming is very important to our community of Exim.

We wanted to create a space that is visually interesting and inclusive. Transforming blank white spaces into areas with distinct colours and shapes has helped make the space visually clearer to identify, and I mainly focused on this in the disabled toilet. I hope it will benefit those who may have visual impairment by framing the different areas and making them an accessible and welcoming space.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of drawing up the designs to creating them. I had never done anything like this before on this scale, so I embraced this challenge and I plan to continue to embrace different challenges in the future. 


Artwork for accessibility at Oxford House Creative Hub



As for the team, I feel so lucky to be working with such a hardworking group of women, and I already feel I have learnt a lot from each of them. Over these 6 months they have been so welcoming in making me feel part of the team, and I am looking forward to continuing learning and having the opportunity to gain more experience with them all. 


Reflection and looking forwards to the future

 Reflecting back on this internship, I feel like it has given me insight and experience in a role I have always wanted to do, and has confirmed to me that this is what I’m meant to do. Over the 6 months, I have really grown in confidence and ownership with who I am and what I can bring to this company.

I am thrilled to be continuing with Exim as Admin Support and Assistant Practitioner. I am excited to continue to challenge myself to go beyond what I think I can do and to continue developing myself in this role.