Hiya! My name is Blake and I am a student at Stoke Damerel Community College. I joined and worked with Exim Dance Company for my work experience on the 12th-14th of July 2022. Unfortunately, I only had three days whereas I would have preferred to work a bit longer because it’s such a great vibe and community to be in, they are also very welcoming too. At Exim Dance, I joined their group – Making Waves on a Monday evening. It’s such a fun place to go and just get an hour and a half to myself. I can really let loose and enjoy the session. It’s a good place to be because they feel like a second family to me.

On Tuesday, I was shown the way they plan and the dynamic was very calming. For the rest of my day, I worked in admin and learnt a bit more about Exim Dance. I learnt about what they have to offer such as social hour; where young people can come together and chat and have time to themselves, make new bonds with the supportive, cheery and very welcoming peers around to easily get along with.

On Wednesday, I worked on Admin and created 2 Wednesday Wellbeing posts which I found quite calming and even though I wasn’t feeling it myself, it did calm my mind and I felt very relaxed. After an hour, I finished what admin I was doing and waited to go to Keyham Barton Catholic School. I helped with a warm-up and assisted the young people to go through the phase ahead of their show to family and friends. The primary school students were very creative and they were very nice, however, I don’t think primary school students are my strong suit. I think if I was to become a dance teacher, I’d probably go for an older age group.


On Thursday, I did some statistics tasks for the morning before going to the College Road Primary where they were performing the With Flying Colours project. It’s a Year six group piece about their families and their interests and it should be very interesting and heartwarming. I went to the school and watched their performance, which was good, some were enthusiastic and it was nice to work with year sixes. After that, I helped with some equipment and then wrote a check-in task for Making Waves on Monday.

Overall, it was a fun experience and it opened my eyes to different options in my future and maybe the path I’m going to take. It’s nice to feel welcome and know that there are people to talk to and who are there to help. It was a tiring week, but I’m glad I had work experience here and I highly recommend coming here to do all sorts of activities. It’s really fun and they are all welcoming and supportive!