My first month with Exim Dance Company has been a busy and exciting one!

This month has been a month of old chapters closing and new ones beginning, with graduating from University of Plymouth and starting my six month internship with Exim Dance. 



I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity with the company and to work alongside such a hard working group of women.

I have always been interested in dance inclusivity, so being able to work in the community has always been a career aspiration of mine whilst training at university. I am inspired by the work Exim does, so to be involved with this company is a true honour for me.

My role each week includes being involved in a variety of sessions and projects including primary sessions here at Oxford House Creative Hub, sessions at Keyham Barton Catholic Primary School, St Matthews Primary School, and our weekly Movement For All sessions at Plymouth Life Centre. In these sessions I have been learning new communication and teaching skills and am looking forward to developing my confidence as each week I am learning something new! I have also been gaining experience in the admin side of the company, which is an area I am keen to gain experience in.

During my time with Exim, I really want to develop my interests in Community based projects, so I have been loving our Movement For All sessions at Plymouth Life Centre! Working alongside Chloe at these sessions has been great as I feel each week I learn something new and have been gaining confidence in helping to lead the sessions. Working with such a fantastic group of individuals is extremely rewarding and I really look forward to these sessions every week and seeing what each of them creates. We have also done a couple of themed sessions during this month, including an Elvis Presley session and a musical theme week which was a lot of fun! 



Over the past few weeks I have also been undergoing online training including child protection and mental health awareness for sport and physical activity, and covid awareness training which has been extremely informative to me and I am looking forward to developing my knowledge and awareness even more as my internship continues. 

During this month I have also been gaining more knowledge in the admin side of the company, getting involved with creating tasks for our upcoming Positivity Packs and our social media posts for our Mid-Week reflections. I have found this really beneficial for me to learn as during this internship I want to push myself in areas I have less experience in.I love anything creative and arty so this is an area I am really interested in to develop in the next 5 months.

I’ve had a really great first month of my internship and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 5 months brings!



Beth – Intern