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We're an award winning dance company known for our fresh and vibrant approach to making dance accessible for all.

Our Story

Creating professional Dance Theatre in the South West of England that tours nationally & internationally as well as delivering an extensive weekly programme of classes from community, outreach, educational and within professional settings. Exim exists to provide opportunities for ‘At Risk’ young people to participate in socially engaged dance classes. We are passionate about using dance to help vulnerable young people, breaking down the ideological barriers that surround dance, holding inclusivity at the heart of all of our work. To do this we believe that as well as delivering our own programme of work we must also provide high quality training and opportunities to students and professionals wishing to work as dance practitioners in the community. The majority of Exim Dance Company’s community work is delivered in deprived areas of Plymouth or hard to reach communities.

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Teacher with students

Our Productions


Marked is a brand new performance work choreographed by Adam Benjamin. The performance is suitable for a wide range of audiences, with or without dance experience.

We’re just marking this, not full out, just a run through before the real thing. We’re marking out the spaces that we’re going to move through, that we have permission to move through, marking out the territories that belong to us, and those that belong to you, because we need to know, and you need to know where the lines are drawn; who is to be marked up and who is marked out; destined for the margins. Marked is a reflection on what it means to make marks, to measure our distances; to mark and be marked.

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Partners and Supporters