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A young female dancer looking through the spokes of a wheelchair

The Birth of Memory

Memories become locked within our bodies. Effort is required to find time in the present to remember the past.


Award winning choreographer Adam Benjamin delicately explores this concept, focusing on human relationships in a way which is exposing and unpredictable, but also at times comical. The work draws on film by Kayla Parker and music by Mathew Emmet, Eduardo Miranda and Andy Cowton. The choreography is heavily influenced by the contributions of dance artists, Emma Pendle, Laura Henry, Mike Williams and particularly the raw, indefinable movement quality of dancer Kevin French whose muscles and speech are affected by cerebral palsy.


Choreography: Adam Benjamin

Performers: Emma Pendle, Kevin French, Laura Henry & Mike Williams

Music: Composed by Mathew Emmett, Eduardo Miranda & Andy Cowton

Lighting and Production Design: Charlotte Burton & Tim Hardy

Film: Kayla Parker

Film Sound: Stuart Moore

Etch dancers, four women in white dresses
Etch dancers, four women in white dresses